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We are thrilled to announce we continue to be 'GOOD' school within our recent Ofsted report
(June 2017)

We are delighted with the outcomes, particularly as the areas we need to improve further have already been identified by staff and governors.

As a School we will be continuing to focus on Children’s writing to ensure progress is being made.

The qualities & skills we foster

• Curiosity and wonder
• Enthusiasm and excitement for learning
• Confidence to try and try again, without being afraid of failure
• A sense of the wider community and their contribution to it
• Social skills of friendship, fall outs and getting along
• Tolerance, respect and working together
• Growing their independence

A child’s education starts at home; therefore we consider working with parents and carers one of our top priorities as this can have a positive impact each child’s success in their school life. Having an interest, pride and delight in their school work will always make them eager to give their very best.